Streaming Packages

Streaming Packages

Let’s keep it simple…

We offer two distinct packages – without any hard limits!



Suitable for community radio stations, live band or DJ performances, religious services and PRS LOMO licensees.

  • £35/month
  • 160kbps* mp3 as standard (<300 concurrent at mean peak time)
  • SSL/TLS ‘secure streams’ included. e.g. for ‘smart speakers’ connections
  • DAB+ feed to a single multiplex end-point
  • Email support
  • Offer: Pay annually in advance and get two months for free!

*Bitrate reductions may occur if excessively using capacity (by our judgement) which should be one of the nicer problems that you could have. Our network capacity is an instantly perishable resource, so we’d hate turn any of your listeners away with a frustrating and pointless ‘server full’ message if we have the capacity going spare. Go ahead and use it! We’ll be having a quiet word if you’re a massive success and we think you might be abusing our generosity.

Read on if you’re already big in the game…



Suitable for larger broadcasts (e.g. with multiple outlets). If you’re huge, beyond having a LOMO licence or do not have a geographical or specialist focus for your programming, then this might be the one for you:

  • £99/month (average concurrent at 1,000 or below at mean peak times)
  • 160 kbps mp3 as standard
  • 2nd HLS or mp3 publishing point for bandwidth constrained connections and devices
  • 1 DAB/DAB+ feed to a single multiplex end-point
  • 24/7 support
  • 12 months minimum contract period
  • Offer: Pay annually in advance and get a free Connector TX encoder

An additional £10/month for each additional multiplex destination applies.


The Small Print

You must be the content owner, or hold the appropriate copyright permissions for streaming to the general public.

You will not broadcast hate speech – this will result in the termination of your service without refund.

You acknowledge that if you excessively exceed the thresholds indicated at the average listening peak times that a hard limit or bit-rate reduction may be imposed to prevent impact to our network resources.

Self-supply encoders are self-supported. Please see our Connector TX and Connector UHQ products for the simplest, most hassle-free way to get your audio online.