About Us

About Us

CLR Media is a partnership of creative and technical minds, looking to bridge the gap between the idea and distribution challenges…

Our colleagues have plenty of hands-on experience of audio and music production, DJing, live PAs, broadcast and IP network engineering. We understand the entire process chain from microphone to the (increasingly smart) speaker, or device – intricately and intimately.

We care about helping you to deliver your live performance to your creative partners, congregation or listening audience directly from our own streaming platform.

We created CLR Media to abstract the technical minutia from grassroots content creators who might not necessarily have experience of the impenetrable ‘traditional’ broadcasting world – a historically protectionist and exclusive medium. We are here to help you disrupt the status quo, not maintain it.

Our team are approachable and understanding and, we like to think, are a refreshing change from the faceless technology giants. Our systems are designed specifically to eliminate the need for technical knowledge beyond how to produce audio – our ‘connector’ products make the traditionally ‘hard bit’ truly effortless.

The CLR Media line includes both lossless (to suit the most stringent audio integrity requirements) and lossy audio coding for distribution to large audiences at the highest possible quality and we are happy to help you along the decision making process in choosing the right solution for you.

We keep our overheads low, which makes us exceedingly competitive and it enables us to pass on savings to you. We might not be the cheapest, but we we provide value that is hard to find. The pride we take in being sound specialists is reflected in the quality of the service we have to offer, which we believe is second to none.