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Our small form-factor 'Connector' encoder products and streaming services are designed to be entirely plug and play. Our goal is to enable those with limited technical resources to stream online without any fuss. Read More


All packages offer superb audio at 160kbps as standard. We also offer lossless and unprocessed FLAC feeds for studios, contribution and transmission links where no-compromise audio quality is a must. Read More


Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering combines unrivalled flexibility for streaming at a fixed cost. We absorb peaks in your listening audience in preference to returning annoying 'server full' messages. Read More


CLR Media products are designed to be green, delivering the smallest power footprint possible. They more than pay for themselves in electricity savings when replacing more PC-based encoders. Read More

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We are small enough to care. If you need any help or advice in realising your online audio ambitions, do get in touch with us. We prefer email for general enquiries. Quote Now Enquiries